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    I recently changed my motherboard and windows was no longer activated.  I purchased an upgrade to Win 7 Pro in 2013 then did a free upgrade to Win pro 10.  It has worked fine for several years till the MB change.  I've tried to reactivate but no record of purchase in my MS acct, tried the activation key from my original Win 7 product, Nope.   Tried the MS support app, less than useless.  I've read every article I can find, no help.

    Everything seems to work fine except the annoying "Activate Windows ..." message on my screen.

    I've done everything MS wanted, the right way, and now this.  I've even got a MS subscription for my Office 360, which I don't think I could get without a valid Windows install.

    This is ridiculous.  How do I get this fixed?



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    Buongiorno a tutti vi scrivo direttamente dal pc in questione per chiederVi se fosse possibile utilizzare questo device come hotspot (visto che mi servirebbe per lavoro.

    ho un surface pro ho provato a vedere attraverso il cmd se la rete ospitata è supportata ed ovviamente :( no ... 

    c'è una soluzione possibile o dovrò cambiare scheda di rete/pc

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  • 01/17/19--11:58: MACRO
  • Pessoal, boa tarde. Necessito obter uma macro para após digitar valores em real (moeda) a macro o escreva por extenso. Necessito de instruções de como instalar e fazer executar.  Grato.

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    uso purevpn

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  • 01/17/19--11:59: Audio has stopped working
  • Hello, I've been having issues with my Audio since an October update but I was able to find a sorta patch to fix it but its not working anymore. My issue is that my Intel High Def Audio driver wont update even though I've gone to Intel and when I use the Windows update it gives me this error code, HP Inc. - HIDClass - 10/30/2018 12:00:00 AM - - Error 0x800703e3.

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    So my PC recently started having issues. Some of the issues include:

    1. While watch YouTube videos on Google Chrome, the PC would eventually freeze and so I would need to power off and restart.

    2. Google Chrome would crash sometimes (randomly closes)

    3. The PC slows down a lot. Example: When I try to move the mouse, it would move super slow or barely move

    4. System restore, system recovery, or reinstalling windows would cause it it crash and go to blue screen. The errors seem to be different most of the time.

    My PC does nothing of course while it's idle.

    I spoke to a friend and he said it's most likely an issue with my RAM.

    I've searched up every blue screen error that I encountered and tried the solutions that I've found but it doesn't work.

    What's wrong with my PC??

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    I want to remove Mail/calendar from Windows 10. It has stopped using my touchpad for scrolling.

    I want to fix it or use something else.

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  • 01/17/19--11:59: Office 365 and iPad?
  • can i have my apple ipad as one of my devices?

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  • 01/17/19--12:01: Error with Windows update
  • I am on an HP laptop, AMD Ryzen 5, 2500U, 2GH, 64 bit, 8G Ram, Win10 Home. I just received the following message while running Windows Update:

    There were problems installing some updates, but we'll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help:

    2018-11 Update for Windows 10 Version 1803 for x64-based Systems (KB4023057) - Error 0x80070643

    This is a fairly new laptop, I run constant updates and use the computer very rarely. All previous updates installed normally.


    Thank you....

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    Ich habe heute mein Laptop zurückgesetzt. Nachdem der Prozess fertig war, wollte ich ihn wieder starten.
    Es erschien eine Meldung mit Bluescreen "Warum wurde mein PC neu gestartet?" und darunter "Ihr PC ist aufgrund eines Problems noch nicht betriebsbereit, könnte nach einem Update allerdings wieder funktionieren" danach wurde erklärt wie man den Laptop vorbereiten muss(Pc angeschlossen, WLAN Verbindung,...) als ich diese Schritte durchgeführt habe und auf weiter drückte ging es etwa 10min und dieselbe Anzeige wie zuvor erschien.
    Was kann ich tun da es nach mehreren Versuchen immer noch nicht klappte?

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  • 01/17/19--12:02: Code erreur 800004001
  • Bonjour

    Je n'arrive plus à démarrer mon pc.

    Le code erreur s'affiche: 800004001

    Voici les captures d'images.

    J'ai essayé les dépannages proposé, rien ne va...

    Une solution?

    Merci pour votre aide....

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    Hi everyone,

    I was playing super meat boy and I noticed that only up to chapter 4 (hell) exists when their is meant to be 7 chapters in the game.

    Is there some update or reinstallation I can do to get the chapters?


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    So a couple of days ago I reinstalled Mortal Kombat XL, but for some reason the Alien DLC is locked despite being installed on my copy of the game. None of the other DLC is having this issue and when I first installed the game all of the DLC was functioning perfectly. I do not understand why this is happening now.

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and its DLC multiple times to no avail, I have sent a question to WB support two days ago and have yet to receive a response. I have tried looking online for a solution too with no luck, only one person with the same issue as me over 200 days ago with no answer to help. So I have decided to as around here for help regarding this issue I will leave photos that I have taken as proof of the issue. 

    If anyone could help me with this issue I would appreciate it.

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    On trying to install the current windows 10 Feature 1809 Upgrade the process was stopped until I manually uninstall Infineon TPM Professional on checking my installed programmes it was not visible, I checked the registry and it was not indicated there either, so how can it stop the installation.

    If it is hidden in another programme how do I find it and unins

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  • 01/17/19--12:04: view shared calendar
  • Hi ,

    I sent a request for team members to share their calendar with me.

    They all accepted but I can't see their calendar.

    I clicked on Accept , I can read : "Open the folder you have given access" but I don't see any folder

    When I try the option : Open shared calendar , I don't see their calendar.

    Could you please advise on what I have to do to see their calendar.

    Thank you

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  • 01/17/19--12:05: ripristinare windows 10
  • Buonasera, il mio computer in origine aveva in dotazione regolare licenza windows 8.1;

    poco dopo l'uscita di windows 10 ho provveduto a fare l'aggiornamento gratuitamente.

    Oggi, in seguito a qualche problema in fase di avvio, ho dovuto attivare il programma di backup e recover.

    Al riavvio ho trovato windows 8.1.... Non so se sia possibile ripristinare windows 10. Grazie del vostro aiuto.

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    Ben bilgisayarımı normal bir şekilde kullanırken akşam açtığımda bu hatayı almaya başladım ve hiçbir program açılmıyor. Chrome açılıyor. Herhangi bir şey yapmadım. Birden oldu açtığım bütün programlarda bu hatayı aldım steamde fatal error aldım. Yardım edebilecek var mı? 

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  • 01/17/19--12:07: Stop Charge
  • I already set up microsoft office 365. and no need monthly charge $7.61. pls stop charge.

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    When i tried to change the photo album because it messed up i let 10 mins and it did not change why ?

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  • 01/17/19--12:08: blocking porn
  • Is there any way to block all porn from my computer? I currently use Windows 7.

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    Hace un par de días instalé en un equipo nuevo que tiene una tarjeta gráfica MSI GeForce RTX 2080 VENTUS 8G el sistema operativo Windows 10 Pro (limpio y nuevo desde Microsoft). Pues resulta que el icono ese verde de nVidia que aparece en la barra de herramientas al hacer doble click no me permitía entrar a la configuración de la tarjeta gráfica. No había manera de poder acceder a ese ventana. Si pulsaba botón derecho en lugar de aparecer el icono panel de control de NVIDIA y el icono de NVIDIA GeForce Experience como veo en otro computador que tengo solo sale el de NVIDIA GeForce Experience. El de control de NVIDIA estaba desaparecido.

    Desinstalé los drivers y todo lo relacionado con NVIDIA, entro en la web de NVIDIA y con la herramienta que detecta la GPU que tengo instalada me bajo el driver que me recomiendan.

    Procedo a instalarlo y a continuación aparece una ventana que dice:

    "El instalador de NVIDIA no puede continuar"
    The Standard NVIDIA graphcs driver is not compatible with this versión of Windows. Please update your driver using Geforce Experience to download the correct versión.

    He probado actualizar el controlador de la tarjeta gráfica dejando que Windows busque automáticamente la mejor opción y sigue igual.

    Gracias por la atención.

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  • 01/17/19--12:09: 0x80073cf4
  • Hello all😎can anyone help? the hard drive has plenty of space ... I don't know what the trouble is ...

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    I've been trying to change my Gamma on the Calibrate colors display and it simply does not work. The moment I set the calibration, the setting instantly resets itself to default settings. I have tried uninstalling my graphics drivers, reinstalling them. It still does it, (AMD Radeon) Why doesn't AMD have Gamma? Its insulting that NVIDIA has it. I have tried using 3rd party apps for Gamma calibration, and it still instantly resets the moniters screen to normal Gamma. I don't know what else to do, I don't know what is causing it, and I would prefer not to do a factory reset because this progress on my computer costed a lot of time.  I'm getting tired of this calibration issue.

    OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Home
    Version 10.0.17763 Build 17763
    Other OS Description  Not Available
    OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
    System Name PHIRU-TYPE2019
    System Manufacturer HP
    System Model 510-p127c
    System Type x64-based PC
    System SKU X6F80AA#ABA
    Processor AMD A12-9800 RADEON R7, 12 COMPUTE CORES 4C+8G, 3800 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
    BIOS Version/Date AMI F.24, 11/27/2018
    SMBIOS Version 3.0
    Embedded Controller Version 255.255
    BIOS Mode UEFI
    BaseBoard Manufacturer HP
    BaseBoard Product 822A
    BaseBoard Version 00
    Platform Role Desktop
    Secure Boot State On
    PCR7 Configuration Elevation Required to View
    Windows Directory C:\WINDOWS
    System Directory C:\WINDOWS\system32
    Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1
    Locale United States
    Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "10.0.17763.194"
    User Name PHIRU-TYPE2019\User
    Time Zone Pacific Standard Time
    Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 16.0 GB
    Total Physical Memory 15.9 GB
    Available Physical Memory 11.6 GB
    Total Virtual Memory 18.3 GB
    Available Virtual Memory 12.7 GB
    Page File Space 2.38 GB
    Page File C:\pagefile.sys
    Kernel DMA Protection Off
    Virtualization-based security Not enabled
    Device Encryption Support Elevation Required to View
    Hyper-V - VM Monitor Mode Extensions Yes
    Hyper-V - Second Level Address Translation Extensions Yes
    Hyper-V - Virtualization Enabled in Firmware No
    Hyper-V - Data Execution Protection Yes


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    Hola. Sin quererlo hace unos días agregué mi correo electrónico a la cuenta de administrador de la pc. Ahora para iniciar sesión ya no me pide mi contraseña de cuenta habitual y me obliga a ponerle un pin de inicio de sesión, algo que no quiero para nada. Hay alguna forma de desvincular mi correo y poder volver a iniciar sesión con la contraseña que yo elija y sin tener que ponerle un PIN de seguridad? Saludos.

    PD: Aclaro por si hace falta, la computadora es mía y solo tiene una cuenta

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    Buenas Tardes,

    Me gustaría disponer de la información de la politica de parches general así como el ciclo de vida de los productos.


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    User when trying to open 2010 email with attachment, he is getting error"This is a placeholder for an archived email. If you see this text while forwarding this email you have a problem with the email archiving system. Please contact the helpdesk to resolve. No

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  • 01/17/19--12:13: 1gg
  • bbbbbhh

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    Ciao a tutti e grazie in anticipo per il supporto!

    Ad agosto ho acquistato un notebook HP 15BS513NL all'Unieuro. Purtroppo, ha deluso le mie aspettative perché lo trovo lentissimo, pur non avendo installato niente, anzi ho tolto alcune app inutili.

    Io lavoro al pc tutto il giorno, ma con tre schede aperte (lavoro principalmente su Wordpress), peggiora notevolmente. 

    Sto seriamente pensando di venderlo perché un computer del genere non mi serve... Prima però volevo sapere se qualcun altro aveva riscontrato questo problema.

    Ho optato per un downgrade ma credo che HP imponga che si utilizzi solo questo sistema operativo perché, la grafica peggiora e una volta installato Win 7, le porte USB non sono riconosciute, così come la connessione.

    Potreste darmi un consiglio? 

    Grazie e buona serata!

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    Ciao a tutti,

    oggi ho fatto qualche aggiornamento e su Windows Update mi ritrovo questo messaggio:

    Si sono verificati problemi durante l'installazione di alcuni aggiornamenti, ma verrà eseguito un ulteriore tentativo più tardi.

    HP Inc. - HIDClass - 10/30/2018 12:00:00 AM - - Errore 0x800703e3

    qualcuno sa come risolvere?


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    Hi Insiders!

    We just released Version 1901, a preview of the January feature update for Office 365 subscribers. To install the update, open an app and click File Account Update Options Update Now

    Release details

    Here's everything you need to know. 

    Additional resources

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  • 01/17/19--12:15: Bitlocker Code
  • Hallo

    ich habe mein Lenovo Tablet auf Werkseinstellung zurückgestellt jetzt kommt aber immer man soll den Bitlocker Code eingeben damit man es wieder benutzen kann nur laut meinen Microsoft Konto wurde nie ein Bitlocker Code benutzt wie bekomme ich das Tablet wieder zum laufen es war Windows 10 drauf . Vielleicht kann mir jemand helfen wäre super.



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  • 01/17/19--12:15: change skype name
  • hey,was wondering how to change your skype name,thanks

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    I am getting this error 2018-11 Update for Windows 10 Version 1803 for x64-based Systems (KB4023057) - Error 0x80070643 on both my Windows 10 laptops for the last 3 days. I have tried troubleshooting in a few different ways and it just continues.

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    No puedo enviar ni recibir email, cuandi envio me muestra "No se puede enviar este mensaje en este momento. Inténtalo de nuevo más tarde. An internal server error occurred. The operation failure." Ya tengo 3 dias cin este problema 

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    Добрый вечер, следующая проблема, не могу повторно активировать Windows 10, ключ был привязан к материнской плате (Gygabyte b360 MD3H), которую пришлось заменить. Не разобравшись в мануале до конца удалили устройство из учётной записи и не понимаем как теперь активировать. Как быть в такой ситуации?

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  • 01/17/19--12:17: Windows Live Mail 2011
  • I cannot access my WLM2011. I get a pop up box requiring me to enter my username and PW. I do that and the box pops back up. I cannot get past it.  Yes I am using the correct UN & PA.  I am using a Comcast email address.

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    Hi all - i’ve rented a documentary from the Xbox store on my Xbox One - but annoyingly it plays an audio description whenever i start watching it.

    To be clear - this is not the narrator option - i have switched this on and off - when on it narrates AS WELL AS THE AUDIO description. When i turn the narrator off - i still get the audio description. 

    Does anyone know where / how this could be turned off?



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    A user is complaining that a few months ago they shared a folder from their ODFB library but the sharees are now getting a 404 error, as if the shared folder has been deleted. No sign in the OD library or the recycle bins and the audit log reports are useless because of course the filtering down to a specific site option doesn't work.

    How do I find out what happened to this folder?

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    Eu precisei restaurar o Windows e logo em seguida deixei o Windows Update atualizar os drivers, quando ele termina de baixar e atualizar o driver da AMD a tela fica desse jeito... PS: Placa de vídeo AMD R9 280x 3gb XFX

    Se eu retornar para o o driver padrão do Windows revertendo o Driver...

    Eu por um instante pensei que seria a minha placa de vídeo que tivesse estragando com apenas 2 anos de uso, mas para tirar a prova Instalei o Ubuntu e a placa funciona perfeitamente como esta a imagem do Adaptador de Video da Microsoft. Só essa semana formatei do zero apagando o HD todo e instalando do zero via mídia USB e sempre a mesma coisa.

    -Já fui no site da AMD e baixei os 2 drivers um antigo e outro novo e é a mesma coisa.

    -Já baixei pelo site do AMD o auto detect driver é a mesma coisa.

    -Já peguei o CD que veio com a placa mãe e é a msm coisa.

    -Já desinstalei alguns updates da Microsoft pensando que poderia ser algum dele e fica a mesma coisa

    -Já tentei reinstalar os drivers via...Driver Easy, DriveMax, SlimDrivers e nada a mesma coisa

    -Tudo OK com ela fisicamente e o 2 cooler dela funciona.

    ***Placa de vídeo R9 280x 3gb XFX***

    Eu não mais o que fazer só nessa semana formatei o pc 10 vezes tentando de tudo para resolver o problema, li varias perguntas que outros fizeram aqui e nada resolveu. Caso esse post ou algum update futuro não consiga resolver esse problema terei que voltar para o Ubuntu, prefiro uma placa vídeo funcionando perfeitamento no Ubuntu do que apenas funcionando o Adaptador de Video da Microsoft e ficar limitando a tudo, principalmente a jogos.

    Grato por quem ler.

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  • 01/17/19--12:19: Frage
  • Hallo,

    ich habe das Office 365 Paket und somit auch die neuste Version auf meinem Laptop. Seitdem stürzt mein Laptop immer wieder ab, da er einfach nicht genug Arbeitsspeicher hat. Dieser lässt sich auch nicht erweitern. Gibt es auch die Möglichkeit eine ältere Windows Version herunterzuladen?

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    Hi all

    I have just read MVP, Andrew De Costa's article on the difference between the Full Retail versions and the OEM Builders Pack for new PCs.

    I am planning to build new ultra high end, standalone workstation with an Intel Server MB, Xeon Gold CPUs, Nvidia GEForce 1080 ti GPU, Corsair AXI 1500 PSU, HT Omega sound board, 3-Way analogue speakers - generally the best and most reliable and current hardware available, all in a Maple and Teak plywood furniture cabinet!  I am not a gamer.  It will be used for DTP, SketchUp design work and maybe some audio and video editing and upscaling.  This is my first build, so I am taking my time researching, planning and reading everything first.  So for me I will go for the Full Retail for the flexibility it provides.  

    I was hoping an MVP would come back to me on 3 simple questions.

    1. I have just come from Windows Store but can't find the info and page to buy an electronic version of Full Retail Windows 10 Pro - can you please post me a link?
    2. I see there is a workstation version of Windows 10 with ReFS that I believe was developed back in 2011. I need to learn more about this.  Any guidance and links you can post would be very helpful.
    3. Lastly, does Microsoft have any guidance documents for installing Windows on new builds?

    Many thanks all.

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    Szeretném újratelepíteni a win10-et a laptopomon és mivel a helyreállítás nem működik és telepítő lemezt kér ezért pendrive-ra letölteném a telepítőt. A kérdésem hogy hogyan aktiválhatom újra a win10-et ugyan azzal a kulcsal amivel most is van?

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    I am currently trying to open some notebooks that I have not opened or accessedd for several months. When I try to open them it says "Sorry, we couldn't open the notes that you were looking for. They may have been moved or deleted, or you may not have permission to open them." I am logged into the account that I created them on and I have definitely not moved or deleted them. I have a school office account and a personal account currently linked to my OneNote. I have tried accessing them through My Documents on my PC, but the Notebooks have been turned into some sort of internet explorer link file. When I open these files it simply displays a link on a white page. I have also tried opening them from my OneDrive but the Notebooks have been turned into the same file. I do not know what to do and it would be super great if I could somehow open my notebooks!

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    Sobald ich das Notebook als Tablet verwende, wird mir nicht automatisch die Tastatur gezeigt bzw. lässt sich nicht öffnen 

    Hatte dieses Problem einer schonmal? 

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    Split from this thread.

    My email will not accept any emails and I cannot send any emails. When people try to send an email, they get a notice that my email is full. When I try to send an email, I get a message about an internal error.

    I cannot mass delete a file, it says it is doing that and nothing happens.  I have deleted a lot of emails one at a time and still emails cannot be sent or received.

    I would ask to be notified when someone responds, but I get no emails.

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  • 01/17/19--12:23: Loeschen einer Telefonnummer
  • Guten Abend!

    wie kann ich aus Skype eine Telefonnummer loeschen. Wenn ich die Telefonnummer mit "rechts" anklicke bekomme ich 3 Moeglichkeiten zur Auswahl : "zu Favoriten hinzufuegen", "Profil anzeigen" und "Kontakt bearbeiten" aber keinen Hinweis zu "Telefonnummer loeschen" Verwende Skype  Ich haette einige Telefonnummer zu loeschen - sind aber alles keine Kontakte

    Bedanke mich im voraus fuer Hilfe

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  • 01/17/19--12:25: SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXEPTION
  • error


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  • 01/17/19--12:25: Xbox gift card
  • My son has scratched the silver panel too hard and now I cant see one of the numbers/letters. Is there any other way of activating the card? 

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    Tengo el siguiente problema

    En muchos archivos con los que trabajo me toca dejar una imagen (que es del tamaño de la hoja carta completa) en el encabezado con formato "detrás del texto".

    para insertar la imagen no tengo problemas, pero en muchos casos al cerrar el menú de edición de "encabezado y pie de página", la imagen se mueve y se sale del lugar en que fue insertada. Si reabro el menú para arreglar la imagen, esta se mueve hacia cualquier lado (no a donde muevo el cursor del mouse) y si intento arreglarla con las flechas del teclado, ésta se mueve en el sentido contrario de la flecha (hacia abajo si apreto arriba o arriba si aprieto abajo)