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    The cursors in Microsoft Word 2013 are sometimes tiny.  This happens, for example, when the cursor moves over italic text, to move images, when the cursor is on the left side of the page, and when the cursor is in-between pages to "double-click to hide the white space".  It is fine otherwise.

    This didn't use to be an issue.  I had to reinstall Word on my laptop after it started having issues opening documents from a server.  I tried reinstalling Word a third time once I got this issue, but it has not resolved.  Someone suggested zooming to 500% and back to normal, but that didn't work.

    The cursor issue seems to be only happening in Word.  In Powerpoint and Excel, the move image/object cursor is the same size as the regular pointer.

    In Word and Powerpoint there are other sizing issues.  The squiggly lines under misspelled words are so small they look like straight lines.  The "Auto-correct options" is hugely disproportionate to the text and drop down selection.

    I have a Windows 10, HP Spectre laptop.

    Thank you for any help.


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    Добрый день. Хочу изменить мой логин Skype так как сейчас он очень сложный и не удобный: live:af2ab5d2c76dc0c7. Скажите пожалуйста, могу ли я как-то это сделать? 

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  • 04/27/19--11:04: 62,48 Euro abgebucht
  • Hallo Microsoft Team,

    mir wurden 62.48 Euro von MIcrosoft abgebucht. Können Sie mir sagen warum? 

    BItte schreiben Sie mir bitte eine Email.

    Vielen Dank!


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    I have a pivot table where the values fields are dependent on formulas. Is there a way to auto-update the value in the Values field when the formula value updates?  I need to have the error added to the value field so that it updates when the end-user updated the result, it populates.

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    desde hace unos días los emails entran para desaparecer después, tanto en los p.c como en el movil..

    Al borrar algunos correos parece dejar espacio para otros que entren, pero no puedo mantener el ritmo de borrado. Además  sólo visualizo los primera pantalla con los primero mensajes , sin que pueda acceder a los siguientes.

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    My company requires a signature on a credit card authorization.  Is there a way to do this with Outlook? 

    I know DocuSign is one possible solution, but the cost is prohibitive.  If Outlook does not do this, is there another 3rd party app that is cheaper than DocuSign that works with Microsoft Outlook?

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    I accidentally deleted a folder from my "Favorites" in IE.  I retrieved the folder from the recycle bin, but can't copy, paste, or insert it back into my Favorites. Is there a way to restore my favorites, or add the folder. Thanks for your help.

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    After a previous Insider build 18362.53 my Windows 10 does'nt get Insider builds.

    Theres the option to "get started" but after I go through that procedure theres a prompt to "restart now" or "restart later" - either one I choose it doesn't add the Insider account, only shows the "get started" button again. Even if I manually restart the machine.

    I manually installed  18885.1001 but the insider build enabling still is in a loop.

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    This is a somewhat ignorant question, but I hope that is not too much of a problem:

    Upgrading to Windows 10  worked fine in other devices with the same licence type, years ago, when the whole "free upgrade" was pushed.

    It is somewhat likely, though unconfirmed, that this device came with windows 10, but was downgraded to windows 8.1, which caused many functions to not work properly.

    (Windows update happens to be one of them, and the device is now stuck in version KB3014442, a lot of performance issues are also present)

    (It was also noted, that there were prior attempts to install Windows 7 onto the computer, which all failed)

    I was planning to "use the current Windows key to activate a media installation of W10", but I ran into a issue

    It currently has a KMS licence, as well as it being stuck on a old version of Windows 8.1. and, I, having learned from a bad past experience, have decided to consult this forum before doing anything:

    1.) What is the chance that Windows accepts the KMS licence, and if not, what might be the concequences?

    I mean, I will do an installation from a USB this time, so there might be some difference in the activation process.

    2.) Will the update version present a problem when installing from a USB?

    One time, a upgrade failed due to me trying to upgrade to W10 from a Windows 7 machine that has not been update since 2012. It failed, and took the licence off the PC, which then needed to get a clean installation of W7 as it could not be activated with the old key.

    That upgrade went using the Windows Upgrade Assistant, not the USB, hence the question above.

    3.) Any chance that I do not get prompted to activate Windows 10, due to the pc (possibly) having W10 at a prior point?

    Additional notes:

    -I obtained the device product key info with ProduKey, as well as using the  "slgmr /dli"  command;

    -I am not very skilled in installing operating systems, and aditional help/info would certainly be appreciated;

    -I do not have access to anyone capable of doing the installation for me;

    Thanks in advance!

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     Merhaba Windows Media creation toolda sadece windows 10 sürümü gözüküyor ama windows 10 home single language kurmam lazım ne yapmalıyım?

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    Estimados amigos ante nada les deseo un feliz día a todos.  Como pueden apreciar en la captura, me aparece en el sistema este tipo de notificaciones que son muy molestas y me gustaría poder encontrar la forma de erradicarlas.  Le estaré muy agradecido a la persona que me pueda guiar para resolver este pequeño inconveniente.  


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  • 04/27/19--11:06: Video Appears in Yahoo Mail
  • Split from this thread.

    The video only appears on the my yahoo email screen.  It will re-appear when I open the browser. Yes, I have windows 10 anti-virus installed. I have run a full system scan that is built into windows 10. Also when I am in my yahoo email, I keep getting a message "app is requesting cookies. Allow or block cookies" I have tried both allow and block. It removes this message like it is restarting, the message pops again. Very frustrating..

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    Hallo liebes Miicrosoft Team,

    ist es möglich MS Teams zu nutzen, damit zwei unterschiedliche Firmen damit arbeiten können?

    Beide mit vollzugriff?


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  • 04/27/19--11:08: csv file opening issues
  • I am having problems when opening .csv files and .txt files in Excel 2016. When opening either of these in Excel columns with i.e. coordinates or measurements are displayed in a weird format. This is how it looks:

    I have tried so many things to get the files to display correctly, but nothing works. I have checked the "Language preferences" and the "Additional settings" in Windows and everything is looking as it should there. I have unticked the "use system separators" in the advanced tab in "options" in Excel. If I open the same file on another machine, it opens with the correct format, i.e. not as it looks above.

    Anyone who can help me get it right?

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  • 04/27/19--11:08: Ошибка 10016
  • Система уходит периодически в перезагрузку, в журнале событий выходят подряд три события:

    Событие 10016, DistributedCOM

    Параметры разрешений для конкретного приложения не дают разрешения Локально Запуск для приложения COM-сервера с CLSID 
     и APPID 
     пользователю NT AUTHORITY\СИСТЕМА с ИД безопасности (S-1-5-18) и адресом LocalHost (с использованием LRPC), выполняемого в контейнере приложения Недоступно с ИД безопасности (Недоступно). Это разрешение безопасности можно изменить с помощью средства администрирования служб компонентов.

    Событие 10016, DistributedCOM

    Параметры разрешений для конкретного приложения не дают разрешения Локально Запуск для приложения COM-сервера с CLSID 


     и APPID 


     пользователю NT AUTHORITY\СИСТЕМА с ИД безопасности (S-1-5-18) и адресом LocalHost (с использованием LRPC), выполняемого в контейнере приложения Недоступно с ИД безопасности (Недоступно). Это разрешение безопасности можно изменить с помощью средства администрирования служб компонентов.

    Событие 10016, DistributedCOM


    Параметры разрешений для конкретного приложения не дают разрешения Локально Активация для приложения COM-сервера с CLSID 

     и APPID 

     пользователю 112233-ПК\Алексей с ИД безопасности (S-1-5-21-3292493131-979174800-2934757316-1001) и адресом LocalHost (с использованием LRPC), выполняемого в контейнере приложения Недоступно с ИД безопасности (Недоступно). Это разрешение безопасности можно изменить с помощью средства администрирования служб компонентов.

    После этого компьютер перезагружается, перед этим менял видеокарту, проблем с перегревом нет, конфликтов тоже не видно.

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  • 04/27/19--11:10: windows media
  • hi

    can i transfur windows media to virtual dj.

    thank you

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    出現 Reference by pointer 錯誤代碼



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    Just this past week after I tried to use Onedrive on my Dell laptop, whenever I try to access a Word document or attach a Word document in an email (Gmail) account, the computer "freezes" up or becomes nonresponsive so I have to shut it down.  Please help - and please bear in mind that I am computer phobic and technologically challenged :-) Thanks in advance for any help!!

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    when i click on the phone icon i get the message "call declined"

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  • 04/27/19--11:13: email

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  • 04/27/19--11:14: blue screen
  • After  my dell 7000 series starts i get the message theres an error and will restart but it dosent?

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    I have Mac os x 10.9.5 and having difficulty downloading microsoft office 360. I am getting an error message asking me to upgrade my mac to version 10.12 or higher but my laptop is not indicating that I need to upgrade it and unable to upgrade it either when I tried. How do I go about initiating my download?

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    *** Email address is removed for privacy ***
    Verifica tu correo electrónico

    Enviaremos un código de verificación a *** Email address is removed for privacy ***. Escríbalo a continuación para comprobar que esta sea su dirección de correo electrónico.

    Nunca me llega el mail con el código, aclaro que no es que me olvide de mi contraseña....

    Espero una pronta respuesta.



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    Je n'ai plus accès au jeux gratuit après 3 mois d'abonnement à xbox live gold.

    Comment faire?

    [Translation-I no longer have access to the free games after 3 months of subscription to Xbox Live gold.
    How to do it?]

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  • 04/27/19--11:18: Sign In Screen
  • How can I change the sign in screen picture on my PC in Windows 10?

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    Was getting error 0x8007007e and tried the fix suggested by adding a config.dll file, now getting error 80070709

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  • 04/27/19--11:20: Проблемы с DLNA
  • Привет. Проблемы с DLNA. После обновления Windows 10 (1803)на Windows 10 (1809), ТВ приставка (Xiaomi S) перестала видеть видео по DLNA. Теперь получается смотреть только при условии если вручную захожу в службы, делаю остановку а потом запуск службы: «Служба общих сетевых ресурсов проигрывателя Windows Media», тогда снова приставка видет видео по сети (на время). Можно исправить эту проблему?

    P.s До обновления все было четко. Обновление на свежую Windows 10 (1903) тоже не помогло.

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    윈도우즈10 마이크로소프트 스토어 앱 다운로드 업데이트하려고 보니

    계속 보류중으로 뜨고 다운은 안되네요.와이파이도 정상이고 와이파이도 공용이 아닌 개인에 방화벽도 일부러 다 풀었는데

    대체 왜 보류중이라고만 뜨고 업데이트가 안되는지 궁금합니다.

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    Bonsoir à toutes et à tous,

    Mon ordinateur portable est hors usage. Pour Excel, certains programmes ont été sauvegardés sur un disque dur externe mais malheureusement ce n'est pas ceux qui m'intéressent. Je suis sous curatelle renforcée et ma curatrice ne m'octroie que 290 euros mensuels pour vivre. Je ne peux pas donc faire réparer mon ordinateur portable. Je suis donc dans la **** complète dans tous les domaines.
    Je cherche donc quelqu'un qui veuille bien me guider dans la création d'un programme Excel 10 sans formulaires et d'un autre programme Excel 2010 avec formulaires. Actuellement, le problème se situe dans le tri des données. J'ai essayé plusieurs méthodes qui n'ont pas donné le résultat escompté ou qui me sort une erreur à laquelle je ne comprends rien du tout (par exemple, incompatibilité de type).
    D'avance merci pour votre aide éventuelle mais précieuse.
    Bonnes soirée et continuation à toutes et à tous.

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  • 04/27/19--11:21: Desbloqueo de cuenta
  • Cree una cuenta nueva y por error no anote mi contraseña, la cuenta la cree y baje una licencia para almacenar información en la nube, cuando intento reestablecerla me dice que los datos no son sufiente que puedo hacer adicional para recuperarla.

    No tengo datos de correos ni de nada porque la cuenta era totalmente nueva

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    It is an auto-save feature in outlook that I would like to find an option to unset.  I draft emails and often I will need input from multiple co-workers before the email can be sent.  This results in the email being on the screen for a while.

    I have outlook's auto-save feature set at 3 minutes.  Which means every 3 minutes the draft auto saves and my email goes away.  It is no longer in active editing status and re-selects the email I was responding to.  I have to click off and click back on to the email to get back to the draft.  It is extremely frustrating.

    How do I prevent the email from going away on auto-save?

    Thank you for your help,


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    Just noticed this behavior in OneNote 16.24 for iOS — when editing a note in list view, OneNote does not shift the page up so I can see what I am typing. The page is shifted initially when I select an item to edit, however once I start a new line, the page scrolls to its home position and the new line is hidden. Attempts to scroll downward are overridden by OneNote. This behavior is not present in note view.

    Anyone else observing this behavior in the iOS app?

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    Problem setting up a new account for charter.net email outlook (build 1903): I use the same set up data as on two other machines but the machine in question will not accept the data (encrypt method, port numbers, etc).  Have contacted outlook support without success, for they gave me other setup data that didnt work either.  Any suggestions/ advice would be most welcome.

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    Hi. I'm running macOS Mojave 10.14.4 and I have office 2019 installed. The situation is the following when I try to update any office app (word, excel, pp, etc) I click the "check for update" tab but the program won't open, the logo keeps bouncing so I have to force quit it. When I do that the following error shows up:

    Microsoft Error Reporting log version: 2.0

    Error Signature:

    Exception: SIG_FORCE_QUIT

    ExceptionEnumString: 268435456

    Exception Code: 0x00000001 (0x00000001038bdff2)

    Date/Time: 2019-04-27 18:16:18 +0000

    Application Name: Microsoft AutoUpdate

    Application Bundle ID: com.microsoft.autoupdate2

    Application Signature: MSau

    Application Bitness: x64

    Application Version:

    Crashed Module Name: Microsoft AutoUpdate

    Crashed Module Version:

    Crashed Module Offset: 0x00000000000c5d73

    Blame Module Name: Microsoft AutoUpdate

    Blame Module Version:

    UnsymbolicatedChecksum: B7DA661B0C3BEADC03F54623D9C5E7E1

    Blame Module Offset: 0x00000000000c5d73

    StackHash: b76b4ed5fe8dea78-dm_268435456_main

    Application LCID: 1033

    Extra app info: Reg=en Loc=0x0409

    Build Type: Release

    Crashed thread Stack Pointer: 0x_00007ffeec4068a8

    Crashed thread: 0

    Here appears sensible information that I won't copy.

    Anyway, if there is anybody that can help me I would really appreciate it, I've already performed a complete uninstall, both for office and for Auto update program. The only time that it worked was when I reinstalled office and open the auto update program for the first time. I installed the available updates but after that, it just went dark.