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    yo tengo la versión windows 10 por la aplicación y dice que la tengo reservada y la cosa, mi pregunta es: Si yo actualizo mi windows a la versión 10, esa versión la tendré permanente o solo funcionará por un tiempo y luego debo pagar algo? 

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    Ho una scheda di rete Broadcom Netlink TM Gigabit Ethernet e da qualche giorno mi dava problemi di stabilità nella connessione.

    L'ho disinstallata, ho riavviato il pc, l'ho reinstallata ed in gestione dispositivi è li bella come il sole.

    Nessun simbolo sulla scheda, nella scheda proprietà il dispositivo è indicato come correttamente funzionante, vedo i dispostivi nella lan e rispondono al ping.

    Peccato che nel tray e nella scheda Connessioni di rete in modifica impostazioni scheda sia assente e per connettermi ad internet, debba usare il wifi.

    Ho corretto errori nel registro, ho provato con altri drivers, ma nulla!!!

    Help me please!

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    I have OneDrive on two Windows 10 PC's and three iOS devices.

    There are a couple of folders in OneDrive that I only need on the PC's.

    Is there a way that I can stop sharing those folders to my iOS devices?

    Thanks for any help or advice.

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     Question on this topic-still unanswered from early Jan 2016.  Anyone know anything about this subject?  Only appears from one of my contacts, who I've seen, receives messages from an AOL contact.

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  • 01/15/16--15:01: Hotmail account compromised?
  • I am not sure whether my account was hacked or not but I kept receiving vulgar and **** suggesting emails sent from my account to my account (the same account). I have changed my passwords several times but this hadn't stopped them. What can I do?

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  • 01/15/16--15:27: Cannot install Windows 10
  • I can download windows10 from the website successfully.  Windows then begins to install and I receive a message saying the computer will restart several times.  From there I get an error that simply says the install failed with no error code.  This has happened twice . Can someone please help?

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    Just got this error message when attempting uninstall an anti spyware.  Got a similar message with code 1073741521 when attempting to uninstall another anti malware.  What is going on?!

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  • 01/15/16--15:37: mobile windows 10
  • When will 10 finally be available for Lumia phones? Also will Microsoft ever get their fingers out and start making more apps available? Whatsapp call and bbc media player are 2 that should be, and aren't. Help and advice much appreciated.

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    I am trying to Image backup so I can install Windows 10!!  I tried to install 10 a while back but the opening screen would just keep looping.  I had to do a "restore without changing personal files". This was hard to find and I still lost some files.  When doing System Image backup I get this popup:

    Windows Backup encountered an error when writing data to the backup target.(0x80070002)
    Additional Information:
    The system cannot find the file specified. (0x80070002)

    My question is, will this error cause trouble if I try to Install Windows 10 again???   Thank You for your time.

    Original title: Related back up and install error?

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    Both devices worked fine until upgrade 1151. Reverted to previous Windows 10  level, both devices worked fine again. Why did the upgrade remove the ability to use these two devices and what is the fix? I am currently using the level prior to 1151 but need a solution before Microsoft forces the upgrade (as I believe I can only defer the upgrade for  a few months.)

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  • 01/18/16--05:51: Netkortet vil ike forbinde
  • Efter installation af W 10 er det ikke lykkedes mig at få mit netkort til at forbinde. Det er et HP-kort ( HP 802.11 b/g Wireless Network Adapter), og jeg får at vide, at det virker korrekt, men at det ikke vil starte. Der er også oplyst, at det er Kode 10, men det ved jeg så ikke, hvad betyder. Hvordan får jeg det til at virke. Det er opdateret med den nyeste software.

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    Have been playing bankshot billiards for along time,    Had all the badges in 8 ball and most all in 9 ball and cutthroat.  Now the games and my pool badges all gone. WHY???   The games being not there is one thing but my badges is something else . NOT  happy at all. Some body has some explaining to do.

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  • 01/19/16--22:42: MSN VIRUS POPUP
  • How do we get the VIRUS MSN to not popup when ever we try to search with Chrome or Firefox? Thanks Rex

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    Why do I have to go thru the hassle of signing on all the time to Windows 10.  It came preinstalled on my Dell tower, and for some unknown reason, now I have to sign in all the time?  Other places say to do this and that, but usually there is no path to those suggestions!!

    < Original Title: why? >

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     Here’s what’s to come in 2016:  That is an example of what I am getting in email.
    Appears to be punctuation: Paren. Semi-colon, apostrophe.  ??

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  • 01/22/16--06:50: Skype auto-login?
  • I want Skype to log me in automatically (using my Microsoft Account) when I click its shortcut  - is this possible?

    However, I don't want the Program/App to start automatically when I boot my machine.

    I'm using Windows 10 10586.63 and the latest version of Skype desktop (7.18?).

    Any ideas, please?

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    I have two headings in the Contacts list in Windows Live Mail. One is CONTACTS and the other is Social Networks. The only social network I access is LinkedIn and that icon appears next to all of the contacts in the SOCIAL NETWORK list. The contacts in the CONTACT list  that are not in the SOCIAL NETWORK list have "Edit Contact" displayed and active on each contacts information page. Contacts in the SPOCIAL NETWORK list do not have this information displayed or even "delete contact" displayed. My problem is that I can not edit contact info or even delete a contact  that is included in the SOCIAL NETWORK list. I have tried to find a way to remove the SOCIAL NETWORK list but have not been successful yet. Does anyone know how I can get out of the situation. I would like to avoid Outlook if possible. I am using Windows Live Mail 2012 and have been using Windows Live Mail versions since they first came out.

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    Fiquei com um problema para entrar no PC, antes entrava e não era preciso inserir a palavra passe agora para abrir o PC tenho que inserir a palavra passe, mesmo que só queira abrir o PC, ou seja se eu me esquecer da palavra passe nem posso contactar  com ninguém pois pura e simplesmente o PC não abre, se continua a sim vou antes voltar ao Windows 7 que até nunca tive problemas com ele, nem cabe na cabeça de ninguém que para abrir o PC tenha de inserir a palavra passe, isso no Windows 7 acontece se nos assim o quisermos não e o caso aqui. Sem outro assunto fico a aguardar que me digam o que tenho de fazer para poder entrrar no PC sem ter de inserir a palavra passe obrigado

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    I have a few hundred power point files that were created in standard width. These are lyrics to songs we sing at our church. We recently purchased a new laptop and projector to use for these files, and want to convert them to widescreen format. 

    After changing the slide width, I haven't figured out a way to make all the other necessary changes without doctoring one slide at a time. 

    For example, the original format of the standard width slides has the font on each line center justified, and the text box containing that font centered both horizontally and vertically. 

    • I select all slides, and change the slide size to widescreen
    • All text boxes throughout the file are now at the left of each slide, but still centered vertically
    • All text within those boxes is now left justified 

    I also want to change the font color from yellow to white on each slide. 

    At this point, I'm changing slide size with one click, but am required to go to each slide individually to re-center and re-justify each text box. I then adjust the font alignment and color on the first slide, and use the format painter to have the rest of the slides' fonts match the first slide...one...at...a...time! 

    Is there a quicker way to perform this conversion? 


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    J'ai acheté un PC portable Vaio en 2012 avec Win7 et office 2010 installé d'origine. En 2014 je passe en Win 10 -pas trop de problèmes jusqu'au 14 janvier de cette année. Je pense qu'il y a eu une mise à jour de win 10 et que le PC s'est éteint au cours de cette mise à jour par manque de batterie. Le lendemain, j'ai constaté la disparition de Norton Security et en plus  Excel , Word et  Outlook me demande une clé d'activation. Je fais une restauration à J- 2 ce qui me permet de retrouver Norton Security. Le souci qui me reste c'est la clé d'activation qui ne fonctionne pas pour Office. Pourtant c'est la première fois que je l'utilise. Selon certains blogs, il faudrait désinstaller Office et le réinstaller par téléchargement. Je ne pense pas pouvoir désinstaller correctement office sur mon PC, car compliqué.

    Puis-je simplement réinstaller "office par dessus " par le téléchargement. Est ce la bonne solution ou y a t il une autre solution pas trop compliqué.

    Merci pour votre aide.

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